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How can we change the name on our utility bills?

At Cómpeta Properties we will help you to organise the name change for the different utility bills. Please note what you will need to make the following changes:

  • Water and rubbish collection: You will only need to present the title deeds that show that you are the new owner at the Town Hall, as well as your NIE number and a bank account number that you would like them to charge this to. For more information regarding the different water rates, please, visit the Town Hall where they can let you have the rates.
  • Gas: An official engineer should visit the house, whether or not there is an existing contract. They should check the installations and, if there isn't a contract make one for you.
  • Electricity: It depends on the age of the house. If the house is less than 20 years old it should have an external meter with a metal door. You will need to ring the electricity company and present the necessary documentation (title deeds that prove that you are the new owner, NIE number and a bank account number where you would like them to charge this to). If the property is more that 20 years old, the electrical installations will need to be updated (internally and externally) and an electrical certificate will need to be made out in your name, as the new owners.
  • Do kindly remember that we can assist you with all of the above
  • How can I register at the Town Hall of the village or town where I have brought a house? Why do I have to register?

To register at the Town Hall you should present the following documents:

  • A copy of the title deeds of the house.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of your NIE number.

The reason why you should register is that this benefits you when you would like to use the services and infrastructures of the village or town, and it also benefits the village or town, as government grants, to make changes in the village or town are dependent on the number of registered inhabitants.

Can I carry out building work on the property?

Yes, of course. Please visit our website for inspiration and contact our Construcciones y Servicios department for a quotation with no obligation, our director Cele Fernández, with 15 years experience and an excellent reputation, due to the high quality of his work, can also advise you about what you can do. The team at the Construcciones y Servicios department will see to the application of necessary licenses, etc for the work you would like to have carried out in your new country properties in Spain.

Can I rent my house out?

Of course you can, there are several options, here at Cómpeta Properties S.L. we work with long and short term rental properties. We also know several websites dedicated to short term property rentals, we can let you have more information about this process if you need it, and what the property needs to have in order to rent it out.

Can I trust somebody to look after my property in my absence?

Of course you can, there are many owners that leave their properties in the hands of somebody in the area to simply have a look occasionally or to look after the garden, the swimming pool, clean and prepare the property for tenants coming on holiday. The team at Cómpeta Properties Construcciones y Servicios can look after your house during your absence, please do not hesitate to contact them so that they can offer you prices for the different services that you may need.

How can I register my children at the local school?

To register your children at the local school you will need the following documents:

  • Copies of birth certificates and passports.
  • A document signed by their doctor, in their country, with all the vaccinations up to date.
  • A copy of the title deeds of your property, or rental contract, as proof of residence in Spain.
  • Four passport size photos.
  • Official documents from their school, in their country, about their education to date. These documents will have to be translated in to Spanish by an official translator.
  • The procedure needs to be started around the month of April.
  • The empadronamiento (registry at the Town Hall) for each of them.

There is also the possibility to register your children at a private or international school, but, it is usually better if they go to the local school so as to get to know the local children and integrate.

Do we have the right to public health care (social security) in Spain?

Yes, you have the right to health care, but it depends on your personal situation each case, ie: if you are coming to live in Spain, if you are going to work, if you are a pensioner or if you are coming for holidays. Public health care is excellent.

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