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One of the many questions that most clients ask when they rent properties with us is "who pays the repairs related to rental properties". It is not a simple question to answer, but we will try to do so in this article.

The most common breakages in rental properties are almost always general breakages with a generic cost for these repairs. For example: in country properties, the most common repairs are those of the exterior furniture, everything related to the operation of the swimming pool, the bathrooms, etc. And, in the townhouses, the hot water boilers, kitchen appliances, etc ...


According to the LAU the owner is obliged to carry out the necessary reforms to ensure the habitability of the property.

A Repairs to ensure the habitability.

During the contracted rental period, the repair of any problem that may arise with the water and drainage installations, the electrical installation, ceilings, walls, floors, appliances, boilers and possible pests would correspond to the owner, as long as they are not caused by the improper use of the property or the installations that we will explain in point B.

B Except if.

If the damage is caused by the improper use of the properties or installations, it would be up to the tenants to pay for this. For example, if the cisterns or the drains of the bathrooms get clogged up, but not because of the installations, but because wrong products have been thrown down them such as wipes, compresses, diapers ... and these have caused a blockage in the installations.

C In cases of emergency.

If it occurs that there is a breakage related to the house that needs immediate attention and that the owner cannot solve it quickly enough, for example because he is not in the country, etc… the tenant would be allowed to sort out the repair and subsequently, the tenant would reach an agreement with the owner and this could be deducted from the rent or another form of payment may be agreed between both parties.


According to the LAU the tenant is obliged to take care of the small repairs, the property repairs due to wear and tear caused by daily use. And the tenant is also obliged to pay for everything that is broken by improper use or intentional damage on their part, unless otherwise agreed between the owner and the tenant.

In any case, it is recommended that tenants have their own home insurance, regardless of whether the owner already has one, so that any discussion or disagreement can be avoided.


A When the owner pays.

An example of when the owners pay for the repairs related to the rental properties would be the following:

    • Dampness has appeared in the property, caused by the rains and poor maintenance on the property before the tenants began renting the property. In this case, it is up to the owner to pay for the repairs.

B When the tenant pays.

An example of when the tenants pay for the repairs related to the rental properties would be the following:

    • The exterior furniture of the property has been broken due to improper use or neglect of outdoor furniture during bad weather. Clearly, this would be up to the tenants to pay for the repairs because it was their fault due to their own carelessness.

Putting your property up for rent is an option that can provide you with an extra income; but it can also be an extraordinary headache. Now that you know what you need to put your property up for rent, you may decide to rent yours. Below we have attached for you some of the articles we have on our website which can help you to see which ones are rented out the most and why.

And above all, do not forget to share this article if you find it interesting. When you share, the best is yet to come.

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