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Contrary to popular belief, vacation rentals do not constantly generate problems. This is a urban myth. But it is certainly true that there are some problems with vacation rentals which we will discuss in this article.

The number of tourist accommodation in the heart of cities is increasing and what used to be normal rentals have no changed into tourist accommodation. This makes the prices higher. This urban phenomenon has increased an unimaginable amount due to the existing demand. Many people decide to rent in the country areas, giving them a lot more space.

01 Problems in vacation rentals: unforeseen cancellations

A Tenant is angry.

We know how disappointing it can be when the owner cancels the holiday reservation that you had planned in advance . However sometimes these cancellations cannot be avoided and are caused by unforeseen circumstances.

At the time of making the reservation, you should sign a rental agreement. In this the situations where cancellation can be made and the corresponding indemnities must be considered. If the owner cancels a reservation, the ideal scenario is that they offer other options from which the client can choose , such as, for example another property available for the indicated dates , other dates or the reimbursement of the money paid.

02 Conditions, problems in vacation rentals: non compliance of the characteristics of the house.

A Conditions.

If you decide to rent your home for holiday rentals it must be in good condition. The clients who are going to spend some days there want to be comfortable as while on holiday the main thing is to relax. They want to feel that they want to go back to the house to lounge on a good sofa, and sleep on an excellent mattress, simply to have a feeling of well being.

    • Order and cleanliness.

      It is fundamental to have a good first impression of the house. For this we always recommend cleanliness, clarity and order. Even a pleasant aroma is another piece of the puzzle which will help your clients to become enchanted with your property.

    • State of the house.

      Maintaining the rental property in perfect condition is one of the points you must take into consideration. You must keep it painted and new and attractive furniture will be a decisive factor for clients. . The better the aspect the better your chances of success.

    • Problems with electricity and water.

      When a person has travelled for some hours what they need is a hot shower to help them relax. It is important to check the meter box and ensure that the power you have contracted for is sufficient to run all the electrical items in the house and if the water is heated by gas to make sure you leave a spare cylinder. Water and electric are basic daily elements and must be provided by the owner of the property.

    • Problems with insects.

      With the arrival of the most awaited season of the year insects aslo arrive as unwanted tenants. The heat , the humidity , outdoor meals etc make insects appear and the worst is they become pests. Nobody wants a fly in their soup and they give a sensation of uncleanliness, driving people crazy because they are disgusting and annoying.

      The property must be checked by the owner and always kept clean and protected by mosquito screens, anything to try and stop the insects from multiplying. In the beginning you can use insecticides for domestic use but if the problem becomes bigger it is best to call in an exterminator.

B In the rooms.

    • Not as stated

      It can be discouraging for clients who have rented a holiday home not to have the facilities which were advertised. One must have the amount of beds needed for the capacity advertised. If there are not the owner most provide, at the very least , supplementary beds that will give a pleasan trest to the guests.

    • Not the size that was stated.

      Many regional authorities impose certain requirements for rental properties. Aragon, for example, has a minimum size for the rooms and they must be accessible. In some cases the owner tries to take advantage of the tenants and this is not favourable for the rental sector. It would be best to previously clarify the sq.metres of the property. The affected party may terminate the contract with possible compensation.

C In the furniture and fittings.

    • Missing appliances.

      The property is rented with appliances included as they are a basic requirement in any home. A fridge with space and a good freezing section is ideal for summer. But photographs can give a distorted perspective. In the case there is not a certain appliance the owner should provide it as quickly as possible.

    • There is a lack of kitchen ware.

      It is the small details that complete a property. The kitchen ware in the house must be sufficient for the amount of people staying in the house. Even when on holiday people cook according to the season, water melon , ice cream, salads. It is essential to equip the kitchen for the enjoyment of the clients. If the necessary kitchen ware is not there the clients should tell the owner.

    • Bedlinen and towls.

      Included in a holiday rental one must provide at the very least 2 bathtowels and two hand towels for each of the people staying in the house. There should also be two sets of bedclothes for each bed. If it is cold some extra blankets would be appreciated. If this is not the case clients should ask the owner.

03 Problems in holiday rentals: condition and cleanliness.

A Cleaning .

    • Periodically and to an adequate standard.

      Cleaning and set up is part of the services included in a holiday rental. The preparation of the house should be done between guests , laundry should be collected and a check made to ensure that the last guests have thrown out the rubbish. We would recommend that the cleaning be done close to the arrival date of the clients ensuring that the house will be gleaming, without a speck of dust thus giving the clients the best first impression possible. The first impression of a house is always the one that will remain with them as a memory of their holiday.

B Condition/ maintenance

    • Maintenance of pools and gardens.

      Just as we have seen the importance of the interior of the property , we must not forget the exterior. If the pool and gardens are communal there will normally be a company that deals with the maintenance of pool and garden. If the house is owned individually it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain or to employ a specialist company to do so. In some cases costs for maintenance are shared between the owner and the tenant but always with the pre-agreement of both parties.

    • Maintenance of facilities and supplies.

      Broadly it must be clear that these costs are always the responsiblity of the owner. Thus , for example the owner is obliged to take charge of the registration of supplies as well as their maintenance.

04 Problems in holiday rentals : noise and security.

A Noise.

    • Noise and annoyance to the neighbours.

      With the arrival of summer thousands of tourists flock to the towns of the Mediterranean coast in search of beaches, sun and relaxation. However this long awaited holiday for them can frequently affect the local population. Baggage, noise and overcrowding are the most common areas of conflict in shared community areas.

    • Problems of co-existence

      Neighbourhood communities can suffer from the behaviour of some clients. Loud music, shouting, fights . Holiday makers do not need to rest at night and many tourists do now want to comply with the normal life of the citizens. This must be regulated to avoid chaos and make the situation worse. The owners of the rental home must get along with their neighbours and give their guest some rules that will allow everyone to live in peace and harmony.

B Security.

    • Problems of co-existence.

      In the cities and in larger buildings where there are many holiday rentals there can exist problems for the neighbours that they have to put up with every. day. They hear loud laughter and music , the tenants ring the doorbell of the wrong apartment or sometimes even try their key in the wrong door as they think it is theirs and then ring the bell when the key does not work. The worst of all is that you can bring it to their attention but the following week there will be other people there and it all begins again because holiday makers area at leisure and have a different rhythm of life to the those who live there permanently But please take into account that this problem is not common in the interior of the Costa del Sol.

    • Comings and goings from houses and communal entrances.

      The noise, not only is the tenants but also family and friends coming and going, taking the rubbish out at the wrong time or having a pet are usually the common problems in an apartment building. When people are only staying a short time in the property they can sometimes infringe on neighbourly relations. The neighbour should go the president of the community and try to contact the person causing the problems. If talking doesm´t work then legal action may have to be taken to ask for the problem to be terminated.

05 Problems in holiday rentals: hosts attitude.

A Bad reception.

i. A client wants to be welcomed. They want to have the sensation that it has been worth the monney that they have paid for their holiday. This is not only the property , but also the service that is offered brings added value to their stay. Welcome packs are one thing that makes a client enjoy their stay and speak well of your property to friends and family. This is , for example, a basket with water, milk and some fruit , especially useful if the clients have had a night flight.

B Communication.

It is possible that the client will need some information during their saty. The owner must be available and reachable. The work of the owner does not finish until the guests leave. One must take into account that many clients are not from Spain and therefore will not understand at the beginning everything that is necessary in the place of their stay. The host must always be available to help and solve any little incidents that may occur with courtesy and sympathy.

C Negative attitude to the problems.

If the client has any problem in the house it is necessary to resolve as quickly and in the best way possible.. If we want to give an excellent service to our clients we must listen carefully, resolve punctually and take action to ensure that the same thing does not happen to other clients.

The problems of holiday rental can be a nightmare for both owners and tenants and continues to have a major impact on the country and does require regulation.

We want you to know that we can help you when you are considering the rental of your home for vacations. Are you interested in renting a house for your holiday in the Costa del Sol Maybe you would like to consider some of our offers.

And above all do not forget to share if you find this article interesting. When we share the good becomes better.

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