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And, when we speak of value, we are not referring exclusively to the economic value; We are talking about the true VALUE of having a country property for the Summer.

Sure, but what is that value of a country house for the summer?

Much has been said in the media about all the things that we seem to have learned from this epidemiological crisis COVID-19. Precisely, in this article of today we want to emphasize three things, that in our opinion, are important and inherent to our work:

  • If this pandemic has taught us anything, is that living confined in 70 m2 or less is not only not healthy; but that it is an unbearable torture. Especially with a family at home.
  • With the effective implementation of teleworking, it has become clear that the location of the property loses it´s importance. It doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection to be able to work. And that is already feasible also in the countryside.
  • Supplies and provisions have not been a problem either. In addition to having local stores open, online sales of all kinds of products have soared. That means, that you no longer have to physically go to the supermarket to go shopping if you do not want to.

The urbanites, who were before delighted by the comforts of city life, have fled in terror to their second homes as soon as they could. The emptied Spain, of which so much was said shortly before the state of alarm, has been surprised by a barrage of visitors eager to escape from the confinement.

And why all of this? Because the authentic value of a country property for the Summer is precisely the art of combining the three previous premises:

  • More space to live better with your whole family. With relaxation areas, swimming pools, gardens, etc., country properties for the Summer are an ideal option for entertainment and relaxation for any family.
    • The tranquility of enjoying the environment.
    • Safeness, due to the distance with other properties.
    • No supply problems and with better possibilities of storing food and provisions.
  • Quality Internet connection.
    • Possibility of online shopping and teleworking.
    • Family entertainment and leisure: games, series, movies, content platforms, etc.
    • And, if you don´t have Internet, a country property for the Summer can become a family adventure taking care of the plants, the trees and getting to know the natural environment as a family.
  • Natural environment of high ecological value.
    • Ideal for walking and family excursions, on foot, by bike, on horseback…
    • You can get to know the fauna and flora of the area.
    • Learn and teach how to value natural resources.
  • Learning of new values ​​for the little ones.

In short, the true value of a country property for the Summer lies precisely in being a whole world to be discovered. A great universe that is best enjoyed as a family.

That is why we want to wish you all, from our hearts, that we never have to return to a situation of confinement; but, if it happens, that it catches us in our country properties for the Summer

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The real value of a country property for the Summer

The real value of a country property for the Summer

And, when we speak of value, we are not referring exclusivel ...

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