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It is certain that you often wonder about everything a holiday home should have. If you continue reading this article it will give you some idea and you can share on social media if you find that you have strong feelings about the subject.

01 What a holiday home should have: with or without family.

There are different types of clients who rent villas in which to spend their holidays. The can be families, couples or groups. We have to take into account at the time we equip our holiday home and try to cover the needs of all three types of clients, thus giving us much more chance of obtaining rentals.

A Families who rent.

    • Families with children.
    • Families with children normally look for space in which to play and exercise, large rooms and storage space for toys etc.

    • Families with dependent older people.

      Families which include older people need comfortable space and peace where the senior members of the family can relax and rest. They also need easy access, without stairs and, if it is an apartment, a lift..

B Couples.

Without a doubt couples look for houses in romantic places, with views , nearby places to see and also they like to have at their diposal nearby places where they can do things- dine out, go to the beach etc.

C Groups.

    • They need space both in rooms and in storage areas.

      In the case of groups the houses must have many bedrooms and bathrooms, a large living room depending on the amount of people that can stay and the exterior should also be spacious and well equipped depending also on the capacity of the property.

    • Supermarkets and shops nearby.

      Normally groups tend to pass more time in the house and do not go out so often to eat in restaurants, for this reason they need to have shops and supermarkets nearby where they can purchase their daily needs .

    • Relaxation and leisure areas , gardens, barbecue, pool.

      The exterior of the property is very important as it is there they will pass the majority of their tiem. A house with gardens, barbecue and pool is much more like to be rented than one which has not these features. If you also install a ping pong table, table football ,dart board etc these are a big plus which will certainly make the property have more value to the clients.

    • Night life in the village/ area.

      Groups, especially younger people look for houses where there is some night life on offer nearby such as bars in which to have a drink or discos to go dancing.

    • Cultural and leisure activities in the area.

      If the village or surrounding villages where the property is situated offer cultural or leisure activities it will be more attractive to groups. It is always a good idea to keep guests informed about any special events that are going to occur during their stay.

02 What a holiday home should have: available areas

There are almost essential areas that a holiday home should have, especially a campo house.. The principal areas are:

A Swimming Pool.

Without a pool, a country house is less attractive as it is usually too warm inside. As well as that a pool is a very important leisure area for children and young people. .

B Barbacue.

Barbecueing is something that can rarely be done in Nordic countries where it is usually raining and for this reason the clients from these countries find it really appealing . But it also appeals to Spanish clients as it is something deeply rooted in our idea of leisure time shared with our family and friends.

C Terrace

The terrace is equally important as the barbecue. It is very nice to relax and enjoy a starlit sky on the warm summer nights. People who live in large cities don´t often see the stars clearly and so this is very interesting to them..

D Garden

Green areas offer a sensation of beauty and relaxation to country properties. It is important that our county property has a pretty, well maintained garden and that it is sufficiently large with spaces where one can dine , have a drink or simply sit in the shade of the trees

E Garage

It is most likely that clients are going to be using a car and for this they need space to park. It is not essential that the property should have a garage but it does need a space in which one can park easily close to the house.

03 What a holiday home should have: first aid equipment.

Barbecues , food and dining in the open air does not come without certain small risks. Insect bites occur frequently or little burns. It may seem silly but there are a lot of unforeseen events that can be solved with a first aid kit.

A First aid kit

i. In very holiday home it is very important to have a first aid kit in case any unforeseen accidents occur: The first aid box should contain at the very least:

      • Gauze
      • Cotton wool
      • Elastic bandages
      • Band aids
      • Sticking plaster
      • Round tip scissors
      • Tweezers
      • Peroxide
      • Alcohol 96º.
      • Antiseptic wipes
      • Sterile gloves
      • Antiseptic
      • Thermometer

Also you should have in the house a list of emergency telephone numbers in case there are major incidents, police, firebrigade, ambulance and the address and telephone number of the nearest hospitals.

B Anti insect items.

It never hurts to also have bracelets, repellents or insecticides to scare off insects, especially mosquitos.

04 What a holiday home should have: technology and installations.

For our clients to feel completely comfortable it is important to have good internet connections, air conditioning, heating etc. All of these will help with obtaining rentals.

A Internet wifi

In these times Internet is a nearly a necessity all over the world, and for this reason it is one of the priorities when people are looking for a house to rent. Nowadays installing internet is possible nearly everywhere. You can get more information about this in the following article.

B Good mobile cover

The need to be always contactable is important to many people , and for this it is important that you have good mobile signal.

B Air conditioning / heating

The majority of holidays are in festive season in winter and summer and for this reason air conditioning and heating are things which most people consider to be essential. Especially in an area such as ours where summer temperatures can above 40 degrees.

05 What a holiday home should have: utensils, household goods.

These are things that one doesnt really think about but without doubt mean a lot to the clients. It is important to make sure that everything is in good condition. Nobody wants to cook in a stained pot, eat from rusty forks or sleep in torn or well worn sheets.

A Kitchen ware

    • In a holiday home do not overlook the kitchenware . Frying pans , saucepans casserole dishes etc. …
    • Glassware and cutlery Plates , glasses, vases, bowls, spoons , forks , knives etc . Ensure that there are sufficient for the number of people renting the house.

B Small electrical goods

Microwave, Whisk , juicer, coffee machine, kettle etc.

C Bedclothes

It is important that none are missing, clean sheets, pillows, quilts, blankets etc.

Does your holiday home have everything that you need to have ? Do you think that a holiday home should have some items that we haven´t mentioned in this article. Well then do not hesitate to participate in social media. Make your suggestion to improve this article and your name will appear next to the text you propose

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